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I have been meaning to get on Society6 since forever, but it took a recent nudge from Alyssa at Random Acts of Pastel  for me to get around to it. I am SO GLAD I DID. Not because I am making any money at all, because I'm not, but because I can see my art in pillow form. I love throw pillows, LOVE them, and I have been uploading images just to see what they would look in pillow form and dream about them in my future amazing house that I am really far away from owning.

Spoiler, they all look awesome and I want them all.

I have been going nuts making patterns, mostly food related, and uploading photographs. I ordered the Watermelon Party pillow on Sunday because it was a free shipping promotion, and how could I not. My house is a lot of black and white, so I have no idea what it is going to look like, probably crazy but who cares. Watermelons.

I also did a really silly asparagus pillow because I thought my friend Penny would like it, and it has strangely enough become my post popular print...

I am going to try to do a new pattern every day, because I can do them quickly and it is really satisfying and fun. And who knows, maybe people will like them enough to buy them!

Even the tote bags are pretty cute, I am going to focus on this once I get this pillow love out of my system. These two work great, one for grocery shopping, and one for all of your knitting supplies!

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