It has been approximately a million years since I have blogged. While I don't really do New Years resolutions, blogging more in 2014 is probably a good idea.

A lot happened in December 2013. I completed my first zine, a 20 page zine full of colour illustrations about anxiety and my life. I have sold about 20 of them so far, enough to help cover half of the next months rent. ANXIOUS is available here.

After a nice Christmas holiday in Thunder Bay with my parents, which included an amazing day of skiing and tons of food, I began working on a book cover for a friend of mine. She wrote an extremely compelling novella which I devoured in 2 days. The finished cover:

I received a ton of positive feedback on this cover, and I managed to complete it really quickly which I was thrilled about.

I am now working on a new black and white zine (two actually, but one is a little secret), which I will update you on in a new post.

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