Pattern Party

Trying to force my way back into work mode with some abstract pattern experimentation. I got out my oil pastels yesterday and scribbled away, nothing too detailed or impressive, but enough to photograph and manipulate into usable patterns!

The source photos:

Pattern 1:

Pattern 2:

Pattern 3:



2014 has been a massive year for me. Kind of a whirlwind year actually, or maybe more like a hurricane? In September 2013 I left a nice job to try and navigate my way through the world of illustration, with the hopes of dedicating as many hours as possible to developing my illustration skills, and exploring different parts of the industry to find out just what it is that I want to do.

I did a bunch of cool art stuff this year, which most of you kept up with through social media. Some really bad things also happened in 2014, like the unexpected passings of Eric's father, which left us in pieces, which we are still working on putting back together, and some mental health stuff that I guess I will always have to work on, bit by bit, but as the year comes to a close I am feeling strong, confident, hopeful, in love, and excited. 2015 can only be better.

But back to the good things that happened, this year I reached the following milestones:

1. Completed my first Children's Book, The Big Fat Counting Book, written by Harris Tobias
An extraordinary and rewarding experience. Available here.

2. Completed 4 zines, and tabled at Canzine.
Met a ton of great weird creators!

3. Made my Etsy shop bigger, better, faster, and stronger.
Expanded my product line to include greeting cards and patches.

4. Learned how to draw people in my own style

5. Achieved a major goal, working on an editorial assignment for Reader's Digest.

6. Created a t-shirt design for Spin Toronto.

My major goals for 2015 are:


2. Finish second children's book, "Smiley Frowny Upside Downy"

3. Meet every major greeting card holiday deadline

4. Add silk scarves and one other new product to etsy shop

5. Work on something with pattern design/textiles/gift wrap...

6. Get married, buy house, have baby. 

Happy New Year!


Inspiration Adventure

Some of my favourite photos from an outdoor adventure I took with Alyssa and Eric this fall. Nothing inspires me more than getting out into the fresh air and looking at weird mushrooms and logs. I'm always reluctant to leave my house because its safe and warm and has cats and no strangers in it, but once I'm in the trees I feel safe again.


Pattern Bonanza

I have endless uses for abstract patterns. Endless. Society6, the backgrounds of my illustrations, wallpapers, gift wrap, silk scarves, just to look at and day dream into... I could make them all day every day if someone would just PAY ME.

I made painted gift wrap with the intention of also photographing it to add to my growing bank of homemade textures/patterns. I made the four patterns below using 4 photos of my painted gift wrap, and will be making many, many more.

Original Source Photos:

Pattern 1

Pattern 2

Pattern 3

Pattern 4