Online Shopping Tips: December Reader's Digest.

If you see the December issue of Reader's Digest at your grocery store checkout, FLIP TO PAGE 72! There in all its sparkle magic glory are some shopping bags and a laptop illustrated by yours truly. It says my name and everything!

I've been reading Reader's Digest since I was probably too young to understand some of the feature articles. My dad would bring them home with our groceries, and I would immediately steal them. Before he even realized it was missing I would have read it cover to cover. I remember looking at the illustrations and realizing that was a job someone had. I didn't think "Maybe I should do that!" but it must have had some kind of impact on me. Sports Illustrated was my second introduction to editorial illustration, and I knew for sure I would not be drawing bobble head baseball player caricatures one day.

This is why, when I made a small, realistic list of the magazines I would hope to one day see my work in, Reader's Digest was number 1 (Today's Parent is #2 - I'm coming for you!).

My mother arrived to visit me for my birthday, and in her hand was the much anticipated December Reader's Digest. I didn't even know it was out yet! She hadn't realized that this was THE issue of Reader's Digest until she was halfway through her flight, flipping through, and there it was. She was excited as can be with no one to tell. 

Thanks for working with me Annelise, it was a wonderful experience. 

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