Patterns All Day Every Day

I can't stop making patterns. They are tremendously easy and fun, and I've been having a lot of success with them.

I was thinking about the day Eric and I had hiked in the forest weeks ago, trying to come up with nature inspired patterns, and I remembered the acorns I had brought home with me. I don't have much experience with acorns, because although I was an avid camper all throughout my childhood and collected all different types of pine cones and tree droppings, Thunder Bay does not have oak trees. So whenever I see them, I am just blown away. Eric was throwing them in the air, and I was fighting the urge to collect all of them for some future "craft project" that would have never happened.

So somehow all of that turned into these cute lady acorns in their stylish berets, heavily made up, eyeing one another suspiciously.

I think each face has a lot of character, and my colours are strong. This might be the best pattern I have made!

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