A few months ago I purchased Kyle T Webster's ULTIMATE Photoshop Brush Combo (for only $10) and have been playing around with them every since. I thought I would share a few of my favourite brushes from this pack, and show you what I use them for. Bear with me because I don't think I have the vocabulary to talk about photoshop brushes, so I am just going to explain them the best I can!


I have used PB PARROT CLEAN for almost all of ANXIOUS 2. I LOVE the way my writing and comics look with this brush, cartoony, plump, round. The brush transitions from thick to thin seamlessly so you don't get those very digital looking wobbly edges that I would get when using the regular old hard round brush.


This is the brush I turn to when I want to make things look more painterly and less digital. This is pretty much my default brush for everything, unless it is the zine. I love sketching in this brush, and I love making big chunky textured brush strokes with it. The line examples above (other than the writing) are all in the same size, just different pen pressure.


I think I use this brush incorrectly. The lines it makes aren't solid enough for me, but I love to use it for the subtle texture it makes when used at a large size (as you can see on the orange hair). It is hard to find such subtle textures in brushes, so hooray for charcoal perfection. 

So those are my top 3 favourite/most used brushes in this pack. I am still experimenting with a lot of the other ones. Honorary mention goes out to BIG WIDE SOFTY, PENCIL SOFT, WATERCOLOR SOFT GRAIN, OIL LUSH, and the always charming FAT FUN SPONGY. 

Do you make your own custom brushes? What brushes do you use? 

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