DIY Gift Wrap

I walked into my storage room yesterday and saw a pile of crumpled up kraft paper from Eric's Amazon delivery. First I thought, what the hell Eric, clean your shit up. Then I realized he must have known how much I could do with kraft paper, and was purposely saving it for me to do crafts. WHAT A GREAT BOYFRIEND.

I have a leftover pile of paint from Dream Beam, in beautiful pastel colours. After taping the piece of kraft paper to the wall I just went at it, using tons of acrylic paint and water. The colours dripped down the paper and mixed together so beautifully.

The end result is so wonderful! I really didn't have the money for nice wrapping paper, and once again my lack of funds forced me to come up with a creative solution.

I'm going to try and do this every year, it hardly took any time to paint (30 min) and the gifts look extra fancy and personal.

I can also reuse these pieces in my digital work, and for Society6.

Yay crafts!

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