The month of love hasn't been super romantic for Eric and I. First Eric was sick with a gross snotty coughy cold, and now I am! I've been doing weird things like sleeping from 11:30 - 4 am and then just getting up and staying up all day... which I'm sure isn't helping my body, but dammit I can't breathe!!!

Despite our gross sick month of loving only Nyquil, I have been doodling some romantic things. Unfortunately I have finished a few today, the day before Valentine's day, when most (organized) people have already purchased cards and gifts, but I figured I could always use them to send to greeting card companies asking for money.

I had originally done an illustration of some coffee, biscuits, and donuts, and then this morning I woke up and thought "YOU'RE THE DONUT TO MY COFFEE". Thanks brain. I added a soft amazing bluey purple drop shadow that I'm super happy with. Yay for non-cheesy drop shadows.

The other love themed illustration I worked on was inspired by my two cats, Harpo and Groucho, who are completely in love with one another. They are constantly cleaning one another, snuggling, and falling asleep together.

I wanted to turn it into a cute card, so I chose the tagline "this is perfect"... I thought it was simple and sweet, and I hope you are all grateful that I did not make a pun. My dad thinks the pun would make it better but NO. NO PUNS.

Two variations on the donut card, and the cat card are available on Society6! Maybe... for next Valentine's day?


I made this too

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